Kimberly + Hyon Korean Ceremony | Parkville, MO


Kimberly and Hyon’s wedding took place in the hills of Parkville at Piropos Grille. Their wedding had two parts. Along with the traditional western ceremony, they also did a traditional Korean ceremony, which Koreans call “Paebaek”. This is where the couple will bow to the parents and honorees present and pour tea.

After they bow and pour tea, the honorees impart some wisdom or advice to the couple. Then they throw dates (for girls) and chestnuts (for boys), which the bride catches in her skirt. It is supposed to symbolizes how many kids they’ll have and what gender. From the amount of dates and chestnuts thrown, I can say that they are well on their way to have MANY bundles of joy! The last part of the ceremony is where Hyon carries Kimberly around the restaurant to prove his strength and support for his beautiful wife.

I had an incredible time learning all the different parts of their ceremony, and to get to know Hyon and Kimberly was a blessing. They are a beautiful couple and I’m so honored to have captured their beautiful day.

Congratulations Kimberly and Hyon! Enjoy love that grows and knows no end!


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