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Jennings wedding preview 1
It is always such an honor to photograph a friends wedding. I met Michael over 5 years ago. We worked together and have remained friends ever since. When he was promoted to the next level he left for Dallas, TX but I knew it would be short lived and that he would find his way back home. Well, he did and he didn’t come up alone. 🙂 Meeting Tara for the first time felt like we’ve known each other forever. She is such a beautiful and caring person that compliments Michaels very friendly personality. They are a perfect match.

Here are highlights of their beautiful wedding day and all of the love they put into it.

Mike and Tara – Thank you for having me capture your day. I will cherish your day and memories!

Always your friend..


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One of my most favorite things about Kelly & Logan’s wedding (aside from the fact that they are an awesome couple!) was that we had some time to capture some great shots at the University of Kansas – their alma mater. I love this town and this university, and to capture their special day on a miraculous warm December was a super fun treat for me. We made sure took every opportunity to enjoy and capture the moment. Congratulations to a beautiful and wonderful couple! – Dale


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