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The Proposal…here’s the story! 🙂  Tim had scheduled a fun couples session with me a few weeks back. He wanted the session to take place on Emilees last flight to Kansas City for the year before they (the avid travelers) travel to see each other somewhere else in the nation. I marked their session on my calendar and had the location in mind. Well, that’s until Tim called me 4 days before our session to “cancel” the couple session because it’s now a “proposal” session! I was excited about the change up but hearing Tim’s voice over the phone, I could tell that he was nervous because he wanted that day to be perfect. Tim needed a peace of mind of the location so we decided to meet 2 days prior to the proposal at Kaufmann Gardens to mark his kneeling spot. 🙂

The day of the proposal. Emilee had no idea what was going on but that this was going to be a fun photo session with her boyfriend. As for Tim, he didn’t show any signs of nervousness but more of an expression that this is the day that I will propose to the love of my life and I can’t wait to get to my “kneeling” spot. When I got the signal from Tim that he was ready, I gave directions to Emilee that I wanted to capture a tight shot of her with Tim fading out in the background but I wanted to do it in a different way. So, I asked her to close her eyes and look up at the sky which helped Tim and I get into our positions. The moment I told her to open her eyes and look at Tim – I heard nothing but my camera shutters going off but from what I saw through the cameras viewer were tears of joy from Tim and a “YES” from Emilee!

Tim & Emilee – Thank you for having me capture this memorable moment. I’m looking forward to your wedding day!

– Dale



I had a break from working on some post editing of a recent (Emilee + Tim)  photo session and thought it would be nice to share some travel photos that’s been sitting on my desktop for some time now.:P

Two months ago my primary job had me my fly out to San Francisco to do a presentation and it was also the same month of my one year wedding anniversary. So what’s a better way to enjoy the month of May but to have my “love” tag along with me during my business trip.  She’s personally not a fan of me taking photos of her and posting it on FB or blogs, so I promised to only share the scenic parts of the trip with you all. 🙂 Here a few images of my time Northern California.


This next photo is one of my favorites. Here I’m capturing a mother and daughter watching dad from a distance as he is crabbing. He didn’t get any for the time I was there but he had some great supporters cheering him on.



A must place to visit. Boudin – known for their “San Francisco sourdough French bread.” There are tons of locations in San Francisco however their flagship bakery at Fishermans Warf is worth the visit to eat and take home some good bread.


I know! I said I wouldn’t share any photos of her facing the camera but here is my love capturing some shots on her phone of Alcatraz Island. 🙂

Moments like this shoot makes my day! A couples portrait session turned to a surprise proposal!! This was a first for me and it was such an honor to witness the whole event. I have more to share about this wonderful couple but for now here is a preview of Emilee and Tim. Congratulations to you both! 🙂


Meet Liz & Harry! This couple are one of the most expressive couples I’ve ever met. I met them both a couple of times prior to our shoot and I don’t believe there was EVER one time in where they didn’t express their love for one another with either a subtle kiss on the cheek or holding one anothers hands where ever they went. You could tell that they are perfect for one another.

Liz & Harry – You two are amazing! Thank you for picking me as your photographer and I’m looking forward to our reunion! 🙂 


Ok, last evening was a HOT one but this didn’t stop this beautiful couple from expressing their love and affection for one another. Here is a preview of Liz & Harry! 🙂



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